A variety of OST program curricula and interventions, aimed at improving the health of children, have been implemented in programs across the country. Each of these curricula has a unique focus. Whereas some curricula emphasize on increasing physical activity through adding variety and modifications to sports and games, others emphasize on nutrition education and the importance of healthy eating.

Some curricula opt to combine both healthy eating and physical activity in a comprehensive approach to improving children’s health and complying with HEPA standards. Other curricula take a different approach; choosing to focus on life skills, such as goal setting and bullying prevention, in order to form healthy habits.

No matter the focus of each intervention, the overall goal of these curricula is to improve OST program offerings and the health of the children in attendance. Thus far, the results have been mixed in terms of the effectiveness of these interventions to increase physical activity and improve youth dietary habits. The most effective interventions appear to be those which include adequate scheduling of physical activity, staff trainings, and provision of healthy fruits and vegetables as snacks. With an ever-expanding evidence base, the OST setting continues to have great potential as an avenue for improving children’s health.

HEPA tips

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CATCH Kid's Club

The Coordinated Approach to Child Health Catch Kid's Club program is dedicated to teaching kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle for life by incorporating the 8 Components of Coordinated School Health from the CDC. The program focuses on child obesity prevention with proper nutrition and Physical Activity in school and afterschool settings. CATCH Programs provide training, equipment, evidence-based programs and more. Click the image to explore.

The National Institute on Out-of-School Time

The National Institute on Out-of-School Time NIOST is a research institute dedicated to providing a variety of information regarding the out-of-school time field. NIOST participates in conducting and evaluating research studies at both the community and national levels and provides a number of afterschool programmatic resources.

HOP'N After School

Healthy Opportunities for Physical and Nutrition (HOP'N) After School is a program dedicated to the evaluating strategies to include healthy eating and physical activity in children. HOP'N After-school has designed studies to better understand the after-school setting and how to improve upon the quality of these programs to better incorporate physical activity, the consumption of fruits and veggies as well as other beneficial health behaviors.

Sports, Play, and Recreation for Youth

Sports, Play, and Recreation for Youth (SPARK) is a research-based, public health organization dedicated to creating, implementing, and evaluating programs that promote lifelong wellness. SPARK strives to improve the health of children and adolescents, by disseminating evidence-based physical activity and nutrition programs that provide curriculum, staff development, follow-up support, and equipment to teachers of Pre-K through 12th grade students.


Child Obesity 180

Child Obesity 180 uses an approach that combines the knowledge of the best public health research with expert business, government and non-profit leaders to tackle the challenges of childhood obesity in America. Healthy Kids Out of School is one of a number of initiatives the program uses to promote these ideas to better serve the out of school time community. Their goal is to provide millions of children with access to healthy out of school programs across the country.


GenMove is a program dedicated to designing research-based physical activities for children. The program also specializes in professional development and equipment to provide staff with materials that target children of all ages and skill levels. Visit the site to find out more about professional equipment for your afterschool program.

Alliance for Healthier Generation

The Afterschool Alliance is working to give all children in America access to affordable and quality afterschool programs. They believe there are several benefits to kids being in Afterschool programs but that cost and availability is one of the main barriers keeping kids out of afterschool programs. Click the image for more information about their cause and how you can help.