Remember to complete HEPA Mobile checklists every week this summer. If you need to add an additional staff member or a new location for your YMCA, log on to and get them set up.

Healthy Kids Day is this month! This is a great chance for your Y to highlight how you are incorporating the HEPA standards in both afterschool and summer camp. Share handouts, activity schedules, pictures, and more as you show your community how you are keeping children healthy!

This page is kept up to date with tips to increase physical activity and healthy eating behaviors in children. Click the links below to view more tips.

Healthy Eating

Does your camp allow children to bring a packed lunch or snack? If so, consider having a Healthy Lunchbox Challenge this summer. Each day you can create a point system for campers that bring in fruits, vegetables, water, etc. At the end of each week the winning group can win a prize or have their group name placed on a trophy. You can even have the counselors participate, and be sure to communicate this challenge with the parents!

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Physical Activity

HEPA standards recommend children participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day during the summer. Surprisingly, many children do not reach this goal. Try and schedule at least three hours of opportunities during a camp day (outdoors when possible), and for the best results remember to use the LET US Play principles during sports and games.

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