We want outdoor play time to be a positive experience. Remember to not use physical activity as a punishment (for example- making them run laps). This may lead to a child disliking being active. Similarly, try to avoid withholding physical activity time as a form of discipline. We don't want to take away an opportunity for them to be healthy!

Movie time! Holidays and special occasions might be a fun time for your program to relax a bit, but don't allow yourself to give in to the temptation to be HEPA-UNfriendly. Keep the TV screen off, avoid movies and junk food, and find active ways to celebrate the day. (Keep this in mind on rainy days too!) Besides, especially around holidays, children are probably engaging in other unhealthy habits throughout the school day, and physical activity might be the one thing they didn't get at all!

When staff are having fun, the children have fun! Remind your staff to get out there and play games with the children (instead of just supervising from the sidelines). It's a great time to get everyone involved and active. And remember, wear comfortable shoes every day!

To increase opportunities for physical activity, make sure your schedule allows specific time dedicated towards indoor/outdoor play. For example, if students have a choice among multiple activities, not all children may choose to be active. See below for an example from an activity schedule.

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