Everything you need to create Healthy Programs and Healthy Kids

Our training materials were developed with the philosophy that all strategies to increase healthy eating and physical activity in your program should be simple and low cost.

How do we do this? We start with you, the site leader, and help you make changes to your program's structure that are more physical activity and healthy eating friendly. You are the most important part of creating healthier programs. Our trainings help you make simple changes that will bring about major improvements in both physical activity and health eating in your program

Next we work with your staff. They play an important role in getting children more active, but they need skills to do this. Our trainings provide simple techniques they can use to get children up and active!

HEPA tips

Click here for an updated list of how to keep children eating healthy and physically active!

Site Leader Packet!

Get started today on making your program a healthy program!

For an overview of physical activity and healthy eating strategies, download our new Site Leader Packet (PDF) that includes all the steps and skills you need to make a healthy program. The document has interactive links to all our resources. A healthy program is just one click away.