LET US Play Videos

All videos are less than 2 minutes

What is LET US Play?

Are you looking for simple ways to make the games you play more active? The LET US Play principles, which stand for removing Lines, eliminating Elimination, reducing Team Size, getting Uninvolved staff and children involved, and being creating with Space, equipment and rules are for you!

LET US Play is a simple to use set of techniques to maximize the amount of physical activity children get while playing the games they love and staff already know how to play!

We believe the best strategy to get children active is to have staff modify the games children love playing to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate. Using the LET US play skills you’ll see just how easy it is to ensure all children are able to get up and get active!

Watch the videos below and you'll see how easy it is to get children active!

Example Game Modifications According to LET US Play

LET US Play Overview




Flag Football

Tag Games

Capture the Flag

Duck Duck Goose

Cross the Ocean

Relay Races

Ships and Sailors

Simon Says

Steal the Bacon