Physical Activity Expectations

For Site Leaders and Staff

There’s no better way to get children more active than to set expectations for you, the site leader, and staff about the roles and responsibilities everyone has for creating activity promoting environments!

For Site Leaders:

• Schedule at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day

• During scheduled activity, provide girls opportunities to do their own Physical Activity

• Staff follow LET US Play principles during physical activity

• Clearly identify the games, location, equipment, materials, and responsibilities in schedule

• Schedule outdoor activities every day, weather permitting

• Post daily schedule for parents and staff

For Staff:

• Wear clothing to be physically active

• Play the games with the children

• Verbally encourage children to be active

• Modify games according to the LET US Play Principles: Remove Lines; Eliminate Elimination; Reduce Team size; Get Uninvolved staff and children active; Modify Space, equipment, and rules for physical activity