Creating Physical Activity Friendly Schedules!

High quality programs schedule at least 60 minutes for physical activity opportunities each day. They also have detailed schedules that help staff get children more active!

Below are examples of high quality, activity friendly schedules that help you and your staff get children more active!

Elements of a high quality schedule

1. Time - At least 60 minutes is scheduled for physical activity only opportunities each day

2. Activity Only - when activity is schedule, provide a choice of different types of physical activites, but do not give children the option to not be active

3. Activity Name - help staff by indicating what physical activities they could be playing with the children

4. Location is clearly described so staff know where they need to go

5. Materials and Supplies are clearly marked so staff have everything they need to go right to playing the games

6. Staff are clearly marked so everyone knows who’s responsible for getting the children active

7. Notes are helpful to tell staff the little things that help them get children active