What You Want to See!

For Site Leaders and Staff

Site leaders and staff are key to the success of creating environments that support healthy eating. You, the site leader, plan all the food and beverages served in the program and staff can role model healthy eating by not consuming unhealthy items during the program. Laying out expectations for healthy eating is an important step to making these simple changes.

Site Leader Healthy Eating Expectations

• Serve Fruits or Vegetables daily
• No candy or sugar-based foods or drinks served
• Water and unflavored milk are the only beverages
• All grains are whole or unflavored grains
• Schedule Healthy Eating education at least once a week
• Post a weekly or monthly snack menu for parents and staff

Staff Healthy Eating Expectations

• Do not consume outside food or drinks
• Deliver healthy eating education at least once a week
• Sit and eat with the children
• Encourage children to make healthy choices