Healthy Snack & Lunch Box Challenge

Healthy Eating in Summer Day Camps

The Healthy Snacks and Lunchbox Challenge is fun and exciting way to help programs improve the types of foods and beverages children bring for snacks and lunch. The challenge is a great addition to any program where children bring foods and beverages from home. The Challenge focuses on encouraging children and their parents to pack fruits, vegetables, and water to drink every day – consistent with the National Afterschool Associations Healthy Eating Standards.

The Challenge offers points to groups of children, either based on grade level or staffer-to-child ratio, for bringing a fruit, vegetable, or water to the program. Points are tallied each Monday through Thursday, with the winner announced on Friday. Groups with the most points receive an award designated by program leaders. The Golden Lunchbox (lunch pail painted gold), extra swim time, holding the spirit stick, and t-shirts are examples of several popular awards.

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Healthy Snacks & Lunchbox Challenge