HEPA Fortune Teller

Click below to download a printable version of our HEPA fortune teller!

Active Math and Spelling Games

Presented by Chuck Steinfurth, SC Alliance of YMCAs

Adding education components doesn’t have to happen at a desk with worksheets. In this session we will learn and play games that use math and literacy skills, all while being active.

Parent Engagement Strategies

Presented by Lauren Marciszyn, YMCA of the USA

We will share ways to enhance family engagement, provide ideas to improve communication and also create parent information boards.

Solutions to Activity Schedule Challenges

Presented by Dr. Glenn Weaver, P2YP

The best way to increase physical activity time is to schedule it! But it’s not always that easy. Join us to hear some techniques to overcome common challenges, and also learn new ways to sneak in time between 3-6pm to get all kids moving.

Introduction to HEPA

Presented by Chuck Steinfurth, SC Alliance of YMCAs

If you have not heard of the HEPA Standards or just want to learn why this work is important, then this session is for you. You will hear what has been working at programs across the state, and receive resources to make your programs healthier.

Integrating STEM and Nutrition Education

Presented by Lauren Marciszyn, YMCA of the USA

Come learn some easy, fun activities that teach healthy eating while utilizing some 21st Century learning skills as well.

Working with Schools on Healthier Menus

Presented by Todd Bedenbaugh, LexRich5

Do you receive snack or meals through your local school or a third-party and struggle to get all the food to meet HEPA standards? Learn how to talk the language of food service directors and hear some methods to approach your school on changing what they serve.

No More Picky Eaters ! -- Getting Kids to Try New Foods

Presented by Lauren Schisler, P2YP

Click below for some tips to get kids to try new foods served, even if they don’t like it. Let’s stop throwing away healthy snacks!