The Policy to Practice in Youth Programs' aim is to work with programs that serve children outside the school day – hours immediately after school and summer vacation – to increase the quality of foods served and consumed during the program and the amount of physical activity children accumulate while attending.


Programs that serve youth are poised to contribute significantly to the health of children across America. Currently, 10.2 million youth attend afterschool programs for an average of 8.1 hours per week during the school year and more than 5000 summer camps are in operation nationwide serving more than 14.3 million children annually. This is critical because children are eating too many of the wrong foods are not meeting recommended physical activity guidelines. Afterschool and summer day camp programs can have a meaningful impact on the foods children eat and the physical activity they accumulate.


The vision of P2YP is for all programs that serve children outside of regular school hours to serve a fruit or vegetable daily and for all children to accumulate half (during an afterschool program) or all (during a summer program) of their daily recommended minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity while attending. We believe these are realistic, impactful and achievable public health goals.


Develop and evaluate state-of-the-art practices related to healthy eating and physical activity

Assist programs to meet existing healthy eating and physical activity policies and standards endorsed by state and national organizations

Evaluate existing resources so that programs can make an informed decision on what works