Mazen Aziz

Mazen has a background in marketing and organizational management. Currently he is completing his masters in human resource development focusing on concepts of human & organizational performance improvement, instructional systems design, and knowledge management for improved performance. He has a passion for exercise, healthy eating habits, and volunteerism.

Emily Burrell

Michael Brady

Emily received her B.S in exercise science at the University of South Carolina in 2016. She has a passion for promoting health and wellness, regularly encouraging her friends and family to exercise and try healthy foods. She currently works as a research assistant helping to facilitate better health awareness in afterschool programs. During her free time, Emily enjoys exploring new places and cooking.

Breonna Mealing

Breonna received her B.S in exercise science at the University of South Carolina in 2013.She currently works as a research assistant helping to facilitate healthy eating and physical activity promotion in afterschool programs. During her free time, Breonna can be found sharing God's love with people, exercising or spending time with friends.

Glenn Weaver

Glenn has a background in physical education and is interested in training childcare professionals to create physically active environments. He is currently conducting research in schools and out of school time programs to increase staff and teachers’ promotion of physical activity. Glenn has expertise in physical education, youth promotion of physical activity, and measurement of physical activity. He enjoys all sorts of team and individual sports including volleyball, tennis, soccer, and golf in addition to camping and hiking.

Michael Beets

Dr. Micheal Beets

Michael has been working with out-of-school-time programs for over 6 years. His background is in public health, with an emphasis on promoting healthy eating and physical activity of children. Over the past 6 years, his work has contributed to the national conversation regarding policies and strategies that focus on improving the healthy eating and physical activity practices within OST programs.

Dekendal Carn

Dekendal Carn is a Research Specialist at the University Of South Carolina. He earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Coastal Carolina University.

He is currently studying to become a wellness coach. Dekendal has gained experience as an intern/strength and conditioning coach at Coastal Carolina University. He has also participated as a subject in several research studies.

His hobbies include weight training, designing workout programs, and playing sports.

Justin Moore

Collin works as a physical education teacher educator and physical activity researcher. His primary focus is on helping schools integrate physical activity using classroom-based activities that are feasible, effective, and sustainable. He has also assisted on numerous projects that have successfully increased youth physical activity and healthy eating in OST programs. For exercise and recreation, Collin enjoys playing many sports, but usually chooses to take a good run.

Colin Webster

Justin has been involved in delivering, designing, or implementing programs for the promotion of physical activity and healthy eating in youth in community settings for over 20 years. His educational background is in exercise science, health behavior, and epidemiology. For the past decade, he has been actively involved in the development of policies and design of programs to promoted physical activity and healthy eating in youth in a variety of community settings. Justin is a proponent of active living who enjoys his daily walk to work and occasional hiking, cycling, swimming, and weight training.

Keith Brazendale

Keith has a background in physical education and exercise physiology He has worked in his native United Kingdom, and here in the US, in several professional roles primarily responsible for the promotion and education of physical activity for youth. He is currently conducting experimental research pertaining to practical strategies that reduce inactive components of games. He is also interested in improving physical activity management practices for childcare professional to maximize physical activity opportunities for youth. Keith’s true passion is soccer, and enjoys being active and socializing with friends

Lindsay Decker

Lindsay received her MPH in physical activity and public health at the University of South Carolina in December 2015. After spending time as a student athlete during her undergraduate career in New York, she became interested in athletics and increasing physical activity opportunities for girls in school. In the future Lindsay hopes to continue working with children, promoting physical activity to girls living in an urban environment. In her free time she enjoys biking, swimming, and playing music.

Lauren M. Schisler

Lauren M. Schisler

Lauren’s initial career focus was art and architecture, receiving her degree at California State University, Sacramento in 2005. When marathon training and healthy eating became a primary focus in her life, she was moved to pursue a new career path. She received a B.S. in exercise science with an emphasis in health fitness in 2013. She enjoys running local races and volunteering. Currently, she volunteers for the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department at Lexington Medical Center.

Michelle Whitfield

Michelle graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.S in public health. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters degree in public health and physical activity at the University of South Carolina. Michelle enjoys working with children, and wants to reduce the childhood obesity rate in South Carolina. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, hanging out with family and friends, being on the lake, and spending time at the beach.